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Help us Rebuild our Charity Garden after Arson Attack

It is with a heavy heart that we let the public know that our charity community garden has had an arson attack on the evening of Thursday 13th June, 2024 destroying buildings, equipment, trees, plants and other items. This really hurts as a local organisation that has helped so many young people over the years.

Our community garden is a local safe haven, serene and tranquil green space, we grow all our food for our Food Bank and children’s Cooking programme here as well as run education work placements¬† for SEN students and well-being programmes for people needing mental, physical and emotional support. This act of mindless violence has caused a lot of shock and distress to our staff, trustees and dedicated volunteers.

You can read more at the BBC, click here :

To help with the costs of rebuilding the buildings and other equipment including plants destroyed in the fire, we have started a gofundme page, please give us your support. The damage has also affected a local neighbour, who thankfully raised the alarm, unfortunately there has been damage to their property.

Some of the items will be covered by insurance though not all and now despite our community garden always being based on trust in the community we will have to invest in security cameras to protect this beautiful green space.

Help us to rebuild and restore.

You can donate here

Many thanks for your support, we really appreciate your donation and taking the time to help us at this difficult time.

Big Love, Inspero xx