Nature2Nurture Forest School

Inspero loves to work with local schools running fun educational classes in forest school, cooking and horticulture. We want more school children to experience the joy of learning outdoors, engaging with nature, growing and harvesting vegetables they have grown and tasting delicious healthy meals that they have prepared with our support.

Inspero’s Nature2Nurture project also provides support to children suffering from mental health issues with severe emotional needs through forest school and horticultural therapy activities to help build resilience, positivity and increased confidence within children and help them develop good coping strategies for future life.

Over the last seven years Inspero has delivered programmes with special needs children from Queen Mary College, BCoT, Dove House Academy School, Inclusion Hampshire, Park View Primary School and the Vyne Academy.


Dove House Academy logo“The pupils absolutely loved the experience of visiting the garden, learning about how to plant and grow their own food and they ultimately enjoyed the experience of learning outside and from a variety of enthusiastic and knowledgeable gardeners! The variety of tasks put on each session catered to everyone’s needs and enabled each pupil to take part in something that was of interest to them personally. The fact that each week we saw the garden grow meant that they could witness the results first hand! I loved the way that they all got to take something home with them each week to grow or put in their own garden, it made it very special and helped to transfer the knowledge and experiences home.”
Mrs Stroud, Teacher, Dove House Academy


Nature2Nurture Special needs

Sentinell Housing Association“I was amazed at how quickly the garden was transformed by the students. I was impressed with the variety of learning methods developed by Inspero, particularly how you made sure all the students senses were stimulated. Providing lots of different options for the students within each session made sure that all of the students were engaged as they were able to choose the activity they wanted to try out but then went on to try other activities that they weren’t as confident with. This made sure the sessions were very inclusive.”
Marcia Burnett, Customer Engagement Officer, Sentinel Housing

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