Our Mission

Our Aims and Goals

At Inspero we seek to empower and support people to lead healthy lifestyles through learning about food and the outdoors and the integral role they play in our lives.

Watering broad beans

Our Values

Community – Team Work – Integrity – Valuing Others – Fun

Rocket Experiment

Our Objectives

  1. Promote healthy lifestyles and good mental, physical and emotional well-being through our programmes.
  2. To educate young people and adults about food, support them to grow, harvest, prepare and cook fresh and seasonal food.
  3. To work at a grassroots level working with all young people and particularly those from socially disadvantaged communities.
  4. Build bridges between the generations through our programmes, creating intergenerational working and learning.
  5. To increase well being in older people and improve their quality of life
  6. Develop partnerships with organisations and businesses to create services that improve the lives of local young people, our older generation and vulnerable families.
  7. To create inspiring urban community gardens from areas of wasteland to promote local food.

building beanpoles

ason and Ryan picking beans