Tutors & Staff

Inspero’s Tutors and staff add valuable expertise and depth to our charitable work. Their breadth of experience and skills help us to provide the very best for our young people.(Please note our team give a lot of their time and expertise voluntarily to support Inspero programmes)

Glen Forder – Chef

Glen shares our passion for food education. He has a really interesting perspective on food and cooking.

“It starts with an interest, and then turns into a passion. Cooking should be a love of ingredients and food. I’ve been interested in food from an early age, developed and discovered my skills at BCOT in Basingstoke. Trained at university and got inspired even further with my experience abroad in the Mediterranean with fresh high quality ingredients and flavours. 25 years later I still love what I produce and cook.”

Glen understands how food and cooking catalyse positive behaviours in young people. ” I love working with young people, to see their own individual flair, taste and ideas transpire on a plate is amazing, tastes of new ingredients, contrasts of flavours and textures engulfing their taste buds for the first time. Watching as skills are developed and futures moulded.”

Fiona LyonFiona Lyon – Horticulturist

“After nearly 40 years as a nurse in the NHS I took retirement and needed a change. I enjoyed gardening so decided to follow my heart and train in Horticulture.

In one of my classes I met a lady who later introduced me to the Community Garden at Inspero in Kempshott.

This garden has given me a new lease of life. We work in a beautiful garden, providing food to supplement Inspero’s food bank and also to enjoy surplus for ourselves.

Working outside with others provides welcome social interaction, meeting new and old friends, physical activity and the joy of growing flowers, vegetables and fruit from seed to the table.

We are also able to support students from local schools and colleges keen to learn about horticulture whilst building confidence in their own social and physical skills.

There is no entrance level to join in at the community garden, just a willingness to learn and be part of a team.

Our theme is simply “WellnessNWellies” supporting growing and producing healthy foods whilst encouraging good mental health.”

Clare KieferClare Kiefer – Craft Tutor

Clare uses craft to inspire children to think creatively and positively about food and nature. She loves to encourage children to use their imagination to create great masterpieces that can be brought home or displayed as garden art in our community gardens. Craft helps to boost flexibility,  increase fine motor co-ordination as well as self-esteem and is great fun.

Catherine Waters-ClarkCatherine Waters-Clark – Horticulturist & Forest School Leader

Catherine loves to grow food. After a successful corporate career, she retrained as a Horticulturist at Sparsholt College. This paved the way towards setting up Inspero in 2012 to help children and families embrace healthy foods and the outdoors.

Catherine has over 25 years experience working with young people and adults in the community.

“Inspired by my mother, I have always had a love of gardening, nature and plants since I was very young. Food is such an important part of our lives and teaching the younger generation about healthy foods and the benefits is critical in our society today.”

Catherine Waters-Clark accreditationAutism Ambassador

TasharnaTasharna Stapleton – Chef

“It all starts with a passion for food. I have been interested in cooking right from a young age; always wanting to be involved in the kitchen helping my mum to cook. I developed a lot of my culinary skills and knowledge at BCoT, where I trained for 3 years.

I have been with Inspero right from the beginning, I started off as a member of Inspero cooking a range of healthy meals at the Cookery Club, where I would collect the recipes to enhance my cooking skills.

Being a Chef at Inspero, brings me so much joy that I am able to influence young people culinary skills and food knowledge. As well as that, I get the pleasure of helping out at Forest School, where the children get to experience cooking with me on an open fire.”

VickiVicki Mewse – Project Coordinator (Covid-19 Support)

Vicki has worked in the charity sector for over 8 years, working in a variety of project management roles. She got involved with Inspero in January 2020 when her passion for gardening drew her to begin volunteering at Inspero’s community garden. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck the UK in March and Inspero’s services expanded to support those in need Vicki was keen to help out and became an integral part of Inspero’s Covid-19 volunteer crisis team, later joining Inspero as part time Project Coordinator in September.

“It’s a privilege to be part of the small but mighty Inspero Team! Hard work and good humour have got us through (and continue to get us through) these difficult times and I’m so proud to see the difference we are making to the most vulnerable in our local community.”