Join our Volunteer Team, it’s a great way to share knowledge, pick up new skills and experience and meet new friends.

Volunteers are essential to help deliver Inspero’s work with young people. We will provide any training you need through local community learning training or on the job coaching, wherever possible.

This is a good way to find out more about our organisation and the difference our support can make to young peoples lives.

Volunteer profiles

Nick digging at Love2GrowNick Hammond  is an enthusiastic and regular volunteer who has been with the project from day one.

With 12 years of horticulture experience he is both a competent gardener and a friendly mentor. Nick is also one of our keen Forest School team who loves working outdoors and supporting local people, he has a very calm, caring approach.


Claire planting Love2Grow SweetcornClare Kiefer is married with a 20 year old son. She works part time for a leading UK bank where she has worked for the last 30 yrs! Clare is our Forest School Assistant and Craft Tutor.

“I love helping at Forest School & Love2Grow – it gives me pleasure seeing the children blossom just like the plants!  They are not afraid to try something new anymore! It also gives me ideas of what to grow in my own garden.  My employer also helps with funding. Every bit helps.”


Rochelle BuissonRochelle Buisson

“I have been a volunteer at Inspero since November 2015. I was keen to get involved to do something local and practical to help young people and Inspero very much appealed to my interests. Having previously worked in mental health, I absolutely believe in the importance and benefits of gardening, growing, being outside and eating healthily. I am also a creative person and love to get involved in any arts and crafts, baking, cooking and making. My working background includes working with special needs children and as a professional fundraiser for various charities.”

Rosie HeathRosie Heath

“I have been working for the local Basingstoke charity Inspero what seems like a long time but in fact its since the Covid 19 outbreak when Inspero started a food box and shop for anyone who needs were compromised during this historic time. It is nearly 2 years now and volunteering has become a routine that is part of my week to week ritual which I don’t have to think about, it focuses and enhances my week. The routine of collecting food, delivering it and managing the food hub shop sets a framework which I have enjoyed doing and will carry on doing until the need is no longer there.

“There have been many people who have volunteered and gone on to do other things and also a core group who I work alongside with who carry on volunteering diligently.

“I know I give my time, as many of us do, not to gain credit or be acknowledged but because we want to help our community. Families, single people, vulnerable and the elderly and us have all had our lives changed as we live through this history making time struggling to get through. So in a small way I want to play my part in making some good, helping where I can. I give my time and experience as a retired Nurse to support people, to hopefully make the people who use the charity feel unburdened by having to feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help. There are many people I’ve met who working with and helping have been an inspiration to me and I gladly feel fulfilled when I get home tired knowing it’s made a difference.

“Making a difference to give someone that special gluten free food,  nappies or veggie, food or a few sweets for the children that I’ve put by for them knowing they would be coming in.

“We work well as a group and I enjoy our team fun times we have whilst working in the hub making a lovely environment for us and all the people who come to the hub.
Can I recommend volunteering? Yes, it is certainly a positive experience and Inspero has captured how to look after its volunteers and keep our wellbeing at the centre of care as well all the many people who we support.”


Rochelle Buisson

Volunteers - Clare sowing seeds

We are looking for volunteers to help us in:

  • Love2Grow – Horticultural programme
  • Love2Cook – Cookery programme
  • Volunteer Website support
  • Volunteer Event organiser

Make a difference to your community come and work with young people and volunteer for us.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email us.