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Inspero would like to enhance its garden club programme to include Forest School activities. This would enable us to deliver enhanced outdoor learning activities such as bush craft, nature trails, shelter making etc. These activities will encourage children to have more care and responsibility for nature conservation and the surrounding environment.

Forest School

Forest School supports natural holistic development, increasing children’s self-confidence and independence. The ethos encourages child-led learning and development through play. Forest School instils a deep respect and awareness for the natural world and reconnects participants to their environment.

Inspero would like to become Forest School trained to deliver these benefits of this learning experience to the 300+ children we already work with each year through gardening club. This enhanced training would upskill the abilities and knowledge of the volunteers delivering the sessions.

The sessions will aim to provide more local children with a safe, secure, colourful and attractive environment in which to learn, socialise, play, grow and develop, creating more sustainable spaces within Basingstoke’s urban environment.

Forest School

Obesity rates in younger children in the UK are one of the highest in Europe. Children are increasingly disconnected with the outside environment spending more and more time inside using new technologies rather than exploring the world around them, leading to lack of wellbeing including mental health problems and obesity.

Furthermore, one in eight children in Basingstoke are living in poverty (Basingstoke and Deane Health and Wellbeing Plan, 2015). Extra-curricular activities are expensive, meaning a lot of parents cannot afford to send children to take part in life-enriching courses, e.g. football, cricket etc. Inspero provides an inclusive, affordable and educational alternative to support children’s development and learning.