Young Ambassadors

Through volunteering you have the opportunity to become a Charity Young Ambassador for Inspero. Here is Young Ambassador Tasharna, speaking about her role and what she has learned:

“I have been with Inspero right from the beginning, I started off as a member of Inspero cooking a range of healthy meals at the Cookery Club, where I would collect the recipes to enhance my cooking skills in food technology lessons at school.

“By attending Inspero classes, I have improved my communications and people skills as well as my knowledge in baking and cooking. Even more, I have brought my skills home with me, helping to create healthy and nutritious meals with my family.


“In the future, my aspiration is to become a Chef and open up a restaurant specialising in world cuisine.

“Now I am a Young Ambassador with Inspero, I represent the organisation in schools and at events where I meet lots of interesting people. I volunteer at their cookery programme and I have found the experience to be a very positive one. This is because the programme not only impacts my own learning, I can encourage and help other children to learn about food.”